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Julie Wissocq & Aurélien Courtois

Julie spent her childhood in RDC in Africa, followed by studies in Brussels and Montreal. She obtained her architectural diploma in 2004 from the Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Saint-Luc in Brussels.

Her years with the Iceberg Architecture Studio provided her with a fantastic experience and allowed her to learn how to deal with different types of projects, such as in renovation and in new construction. It was there that she discovered her passion for contemporary architecture and the restoration of old buildings.

She then worked as a project manager alongside decorator Esther Gutmer. There, she learned to juggle interior design, whether classic or contemporary, the development of elaborate details, and the use of precious materials.

Julie and Aurelien met in 2015 in Bonifacio, and Julie suggested that he join her team. Together, they work on projects not only in Belgium but around the world.

Their experience allows them to manage projects in their entirety. From the initial shell to the final finishing details of the interior: from the architecture to the interior architecture and decoration.

They identify economies of scale, saving valuable time and energy for their customers.

Julie and Aurélien always strive to identify and highlight the uniqueness of the place as well as the identity of its owners. Their aim is to help give a voice to the soul of the project they are working on.

They aim for the result of their projects to be refined yet elegant and warm. In studying them, we will find pure lines, a precision in their execution, an exquisite attention to detail, a subtle play of textures, the enhancement of craftsmanship, the combined use of raw and authentic materials, the use of natural materials, and finally, a strong dialogue between the new and the old.

They are currently developing projects in the residential, office, boutique, hotel and retail sectors.

Julie & Aurelien

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